Our Story

The hand-tufted technique offers endless possibilities in design.

We use only the highest-quality yarns in wool and nylon. All orders are custom-made as per floor plan or site measurement which results in minimum wastage. The combination of the best materials and true craftsmanship make Rugalia hand-tufted area rugs and carpets durable and easy to maintain.

All Rugalia tufted rugs are custom-made and each piece is tailored and designed according to each client’s request and desire. Creating a Rugalia tufted rug is a unique experience.

Since its inception, the company has always ensured that customers are provided with the highest quality tufted rugs.

Our esteemed customers include:

  • The Fairmont Hotel Group
  • The USA Embassy – Cape Town
  • The Hilton Double Tree Hotel – Woodstock Cape Town
  • The Capital Mirage Hotel – Cape Town
  • The Westin Hotel – Cape Town Convention Centre
  • The Radisson Blu Hotel – Togo
  • The George Hotel – Nigeria
  • The Hilton Hotel – Addis Ababa

The Rugalia team is focused not only on meeting but also exceeding the customers’ expectations.

Rugalia is committed to helping our planet: from the usage of eco-friendly raw materials to non-polluting chemical products, the company supports all eco-friendly processes and policies.

Rugalia ensures that all rugs are produced according to strict rules, rigorous processes and high-quality standards.

We are committed to designing and producing high-quality tufted rugs that satisfy and exceed customer expectations.