The Process

The Process

The process starts with an idea and a vision – it could be your mood board, your work of art or your design on a sheet of paper – inspiration is everywhere. We are very skilled in translating a piece of inspiration into a rug design.


The loom is sized and primary backing fabric stretched over it ready for the design which is carefully drawn by hand


We use a process in which tufts of wool are punched through a primary backing fabric. Our tufters are trained to reproduce every detail of the design with accuracy. When the tufting is complete and checked against the original design, a secondary backing fabric is applied to secure the yarn.


The rug is now ready for trimming, edging, smoothing or carving, depending on the design, this is followed by a detailed quality check which takes place before the Rugalia Quality Assurance label can be applied.

Yarn Makeup

The yarn used is spun and dyed in South Africa and is a blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon. This combination provides complete colour fastness, ensures durability and the addition of nylon reduces the natural shedding of the wool yarns.

Pile Types

Cut Pile: Strands of yarn are cut on the surface of the rug.

Loop Pile: Strands of yarn form loops on the surface of the rug.

Plush Pile: Longer strands giving a shaggy appearance.

Pile Heights

Short cut pile: height approx. 1.5cm including backing fabric.

Medium cut pile: height approx. 2.0cm including backing fabric.

Loop Pile: height approx. 2.0cm including backing fabric.

Plush Pile: height approx. 5.0cm including backing fabric.