Why Tufted Rugs

Even if you have a traditional rug

Adding tufted rugs is an easy way to update the look of any room.

Made from wool and nylon, these works of art are designed to look beautiful and last for years. When you invest in a hand tufted rug, you get more than just a piece of floor décor, you get a work of art that will improve your home’s aesthetics without damaging the environment.

Hand-tufted rugs offer a unique texture and velvety feel. They are best suited for formal spaces in the home like dining and living rooms. Although they can be pricier than other options, they hold up better over time and offer a lasting investment.

Higher prices reflect higher-quality rugs, and hand-tufted rugs are no different.

Velvety-soft hand-tufted rugs offer a classic look and great durability.

The quality of a tufted rug is something to consider before you buy one. There are two aspects that must be taken into consideration: the method of manufacturing and craftsmanship.

When trying to identify the quality of a tufted rug, the most important thing to look at is the cut pile. The cut pile refers to the loop that is made in the fabric. The longer and denser it is, the higher the quality of the tufted rug.

The most important element in creating a luxurious tufted rug is the quality of materials used.

Rugs with finely crafted, high-quality materials and detail will always be the highest-priced rugs on the market.

A tufted rug is much more than a decorative piece. It’s an investment in quality that is meant to last. Whether you want simple elegance or something darker and more exotic, the tufted rug you choose should be one you’re proud to call your own.